Salud Entre Culturas

We offer holistic care to immigrants who are in a vulnerable situation when accessing the health system and public health programs.
Rogelio López-Vélez

Rogelio López-Vélez


Dr. Rogelio López-Vélez, has dedicated his professional career to the health of immigrants since 1989 when he founded the Tropical Medicine Department at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid. He is currently the head of the National Reference Unit of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases Service, Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, Madrid and Associate Lecturer in Medicine, University of Alcalá, Madrid.


Ignacio Peña Ruiz

Ignacio Peña Ruiz


Degree in Political Science and Administration (UCM, Madrid). Specialist in Cooperation and Development, Humanitarian Aid and Latin America (UAB, Barcelona). Specialist in NGO direction and management (ESADE). He has been a cooperant in Ecuador, managing housing programmes, microenterprises with women and vocational training. Since 2013, he is the coordinator of Salud Entre Culturas programmes.
Martina Corral

Martina Corral

Intercultural Interpretation and Mediation Service

BA in Translation and Interpretation (University of Vigo) with specialized training in Interpretation in Public Services. Over the last few years, she has been trained in interculturality and intercultural mediation and in mediation techniques as a method of conflict resolution. She has also studied Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Serigne Fall

Serigne Fall

Intercultural mediator

Intercultural mediator working in French and Wolof. Specialist in integration policies with extensive experience in intercultural mediation in the health field. Integration technician and mediator in Karibu, Caritas Madrid, Sercade (Capuchin Services for Development) and Red Cross Spain.
Cristina Arcas

Cristina Arcas

Tropical Nurse and Social Anthropologist

Nurse specialized in Tropical Diseases and Social Anthropologist. She has participated in humanitarian aid campaigns with immigrant and refugee populations in Greece, with experience in health education projects, sexual health and gender and public health programmes.
Serge Adjaba

Serge Adjaba

Intercultural mediator

Intercultural mediator working in French, English, Ethon, Ewondo, Boulou, Banganté. Trained in intercultural mediation in the health field. Technical mediator in Red Cross Spain. Activist for the LGTBIQ rights of the African population. Member of Teatro Sin Papeles.
Hamza Bakamal

Hamza Bakamal

Interpreter - Translator


He graduated in Hispanic Studies, specialization in translation AR-ES-FR from  Mohamed V Rabat University and in European Master on Intercultural Communication, Translation and Interpreting in Public Services from Alcalá de Henares University. He also took a Human Resources course.

Who are we?

  • Salud Entre Culturas is part of the Association for the Study of Infectious Diseases (AEEI), a non-profit organisation integrated by doctors from the Infectious Diseases Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, founded in 1991 and declared of Public Utility in April 2003.
  • Salud Entre Culturas is a multidisciplinary team that develops projects in the field of health promotion with native and immigrant populations all over Spain.

Our objectives:

We contribute to the integration of the immigrant population through health and address health inequalities by developing the following specific objectives:

  • To inform a particularly vulnerable group, from a medical and social point of view, about the most relevant infectious diseases and thus empower them to adopt preventive behaviours and reduce stigma attitudes.
  • To train the volunteer and professional NGO staff in achieving effective communication in order to transmit health information to the immigrant population.
  • To encourage the early diagnosis of HIV and Chagas disease.
  • To train health professionals in the management of cultural diversity.
  • To offer a service of intercultural mediation and linguistic interpretation in the health field.

Our vision:

  • Profesionalidad 100%
  • Enthusiasm 100%
  • Empathy 100%
  • Integrity 100%
  • Diversity 100%

What do we do?

The aim of Salud Entre Culturas is to integrate the immigrant population through health, and since 2006 it has developed different programmes that have the innovation of being culturally and linguistically adapted to each of the target populations:

  • NEW CITIZENS, NEW PATIENTS programme consists of the organization of infectious disease prevention workshops to raise awareness among the immigrant population of the importance of protecting oneself and one’s own. The workshops are given by health personnel who are part of the Salud Entre Culturas team with the support of an intercultural interpreter/mediator when necessary. All material distributed during the workshops is also translated into the language of the participants or into a working language they can understand.
  • SILENT DISEASES SCREENING: HIV and CHAGAS DISEASE. In collaboration with Fundación Mundo Sano, we provide testing for Chagas disease by inviting Latino American population to a cultural event on a bank holiday and offering them the opportunity to be tested during that event (large-scale screening). Regarding HIV screening, we provide rapid test (in blood or saliva) to those attending the educational workshops.
  • Due to the growing need for medical services in other languages, the program SERVICE OF LINGUISTIC INTERPRETATION AND INTERCULTURAL MEDIATION (SIMI) IN MEDICAL PRACTICE was launched in 2006 to facilitate communication between health professionals and patients from different cultures.

Our team:


The heart of our group is a multidisciplinary team with professionals in the fields of health, psychology, interpretation, intercultural mediation and management. Each of these professionals has a very specific role in the development of our projects, which allows us to offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each participant. Salud Entre Culturas is integrated by a permanent team, a volunteer team and a series of collaborators:

  • Permanent team: The permanent team is integrated by the Director, the Project Coordinator, the Interpretation Team Coordinator, the Health Referent and the team of Intercultural Mediators.
  • Volunteer team: It is important to mention that we have the support of volunteer staff such as doctors who provide educational workshops, volunteer interpreters, volunteers who help us develop and manage the programmess, those who participate in our large-scale events helping with coordination, etc. Without them, Salud Entre Culturas would not be possible.
  • Collaborators: Our work would not be possible without our collaborators. Networking means that results are doubled and resources are optimised much more than when working alone. Our sincere thanks to Fundación Mundo Sano, Movimiento por la Paz el Desarme y la Libertad and Teléfono de la Esperanza Madrid.