Silent diseases screening is one of the activities that has the most positive impact on improving population’ health. For this reason, through this programme we facilitate the implementation of diagnostic tests for HIV and Chagas disease, in a non-sanitary environment.


Between 2010 and 2013, Salud Entre Culturas provided rapid HIV tests in Health Centres in the Community of Madrid, within the framework of its HIV Prevention and Early Diagnosis Service (SPDP-VIH).

From 2017 we have re-started rapid HIV testing after health education workshops for the immigrant population.



Since 2014, in collaboration with Fundación Mundo Sano, we have been organizing community screening for Chagas disease at locations where the immigrant population from Latin America is based in order to diagnose new cases among the target population and thus cut the transmission chain.

It is estimated that between 40 000 and 70 000 people live with Chagas disease in Spain and only a small percentage of them are aware of this.

For this reason, since 2014 Salud Entre Culturas, in collaboration with Fundación Mundo Sano, has been organizing large-scale screening campaigns among the Latino American population on bank holidays and in community settings, so that people who are at risk and who have difficulty accessing testing in a healthcare setting can find out their health status.